Fugg Cancer

this video is from Sunday 3/18. we were at the Children’s Museum near the carousel on the 4th floor, playing checkers and Jenga and having a blast. on 3/20 my mom was officially diagnosed with adenocarcinoma lung cancer with possibility it’s spread to her adrenal gland. a brain MRI is necessary to diagnosed if she has cells there, and a literal miracle was made to allow her to get one 3/21. we’re praying for good results. she doesn’t feel sick. she hasn’t lost any of the pep in her step. this started as a nagging cough in SEPTEMEBER 2011 and was improperly medicated and treated as such. we’re ready to fight. I will not give up on spreading this message. #fuggcancer

meet my mom, Tammy Wright. she’s 51 years old, a hip grandma from Indianapolis, a driving force in all my successes, and she was diagnosed with lung cancer on 3/1/12. she’s worked hard all her life, and I never had to want for anything because of her. she’s by no means monetarily rich, but she has enormous wealth in love for her family and friends. she’s been denied a PET scan, a nuclear imaging technique that makes a 3D image of functional processes in the body. her doctor wants her to have it, says she needs it, but cannot get it approved. we lost my grandmother to small cell carcinoma lung cancer in 2002, after battling it for 5 years, and getting her to remission twice. my mother quit smoking cigarettes a decade ago in her honor. and now we’re here. I’m basically at the forefront of a viral campaign to get my mom proper treatment. please share this tumblr link via Twitter and Facebook for our cause. we’ve always given 100% to make every positive change we can in the world, this is a chance for you to do the very same.

Contact me directly if you have any guidance toward a solution.